Diamond tools since 1960.

Emerging in one of the most important Italian granite industrial areas (Val D’Ossola), we are specialized in cutting granite and other stone materials. Thanks to a great deal of experience and demand from Italian and foreign markets our products are extraordinary suitable for other materials such as cement, asphalt, ceramic porcelain stoneware, and refractory parts. Persistent ongoing research and innovation leads La Nord to process other products (combined materials) suitable for the new market.

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Mr. Lino Della Piazza established the La Nord Company “La Nord Diamant” in Val D’Ossola, Italy. A company specialised in producing stone cutting tools.

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New manufacturing processes

Our company initiates new production processes within the following sectors: building, asphalt, ceramic, refractory parts.

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Corporate Structure Change

Ms Paola, Mr. Lino’s daughter, joined the company as Chief Executive Officer and established “La Nord S.r.l.”.

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“La Nord S.r.l.” supplies and cooperates with big multinational tools-manufacturing brands.

2023 OGGI

The “Made in Italy” value. Most companies in this sector diminish the value of their finished product buying from Asian countries or relocating their production facilities to eastern Europe. La Nord S.r.l. understands the difficulties of this historical time and decides to invest in the “Made in Italy” product by expanding the overall sales network. It is not only the strategic goal: to create a specific product for every type of customer, aware that history has proved us right.


Finding the right mix between the cutting system and the durability of the tools for each type of materials and machines used. Our experience helps us to say that nothing is impossible.


Local and professional support for our customers to ensure continuous product improvement. We first meet our customers and then develop the right solution for their needs. ”Each quote is worthy of consideration”

Our Vision, customer’s satisfaction above all.

Increase customer’s benefit by providing a tailor-made tool to save time, cutting precision and other production processes. The combination of La Nord tool and the user’s ability will produce a high-quality product.

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Quality and certificates



Thanks to more than 50 years of experience, diamond segments are fully pre-printed, sintered and welded in Italy.


Asian markets? No, thanks. Even if outside European markets offer low cost products, the high quality of the La Nord products originate from the raw materials bought, exclusively, by European companies (Italian and German ones). The diamond, the binding powders and the steel are of European origin.


Diamond discs and the flexible-tooling products are International Organisation for the Safety of Abrasives (OSA) marked. OSA markings grants assurance to the consumers of La Nord the usage of the best quality in ISO certification standards and EN safety rules.


All La Nord products are covered by the liability insurance so as the end user is protected by potential accidents that may occur using the tool. This additional service provides the best guarantee to the seller and to the end user.


Top quality made in Europe steels – Pure steel for cutting process and manufacturing.


TOP quality diamonds, powders, silver paste and usage of “Made in Italy” machines.

Our focus: Look for the best solution to meet the customer needs.

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Our staff


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Do you need a tailor-made diamond disc?

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