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Our Diamond Segments

Diamond Segments production for cutting many construction materials: Granite, Marble, Concrete, Asphalt, Ceramics. We need just some information:


Each Diamond Segment is made with a perfect mix of metal powder and diamond. For this reason we need these three informations:
– Typology of Material you want to work
– Typology of work (cutting, drilling, polishing)
– Typology of tool (ø blade, ø core bit)

Segmenti diamantati - la nord srl
Segmenti diamantati - la nord srl

2. Design

There are three kind of diamond segments:

– Standard

– Sandwich: the diamond concentration of the outer layers is differs from the inside layer to guarantee the side clearance and hollow wear pattern

– Conical: to reduce lateral friction

3. Welding

Which kind of welding?
– Silver welded
– Laser Welded

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la nord srl
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