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Presenza e assistenza professionale al nostro cliente al fine di migliorare il suo prodotto giorno dopo giorno. Prima conosciamo il cliente e poi troviamo la soluzione più adatta alle sue esigenze.

  1. Design

Each diamond tool has been constructed per the needs of the end user, defining:
– The right combination between the various steel powders and the diamond
– The segment shape
– The kind of the steel used

Progettazione - la nord srl
Produzione - la nord srl

2. Production

Use of miscellaneous steel powders
Sintering process using different temperatures and pressure in accordance with the material processed.
Silver welding
Correction of the finished product

3. Customizing

We produce tools highly tailored based on the customer needs. More than 55 years of experience makes us aware that each user is different per the cutting type, manufacturing and the machines. It is not by chance that every La Nord product has its own code which shows the characteristics and details of its customer.

Produzione - la nord srl
Servizi di produzione - la nord srl

4. After sales support

Assistance and cooperation is our need to evolve the process of the product used by the customer. Our technicians are partners to the end users. Even when we are not on site with you will have your technical data sheets, with the speed range and the number of turns, showing the most popular problems and their solutions.
It is not by chance that 100% of the “La Nord S.r.l.” customers in 2016 continue buying “La Nord S.r.l.” products in 2017.

5. Refurbishing

Thanks to the several years of corporate experience, La Nord S.r.l. deals with the manual refurbishing of steel with large diameters reaching optimum results.

Servizi rigenerazione - la nord srl

What material do you want to manufacture?

la nord srl
la nord srl