Tools for marble workers

Diamond discs for bridge saws

Professional diamond discs for cutting slabs with automatic and CNC bridge saws, available with custom center holes.
100% made in Italy product since 1960.


Diamond blade for marble.
Close segments H8mm.
Normal soul
or silenced


Diamond blade for granite
Segments L40 or L20, H15mm.
Normal soul
or silenced


Diamond blade for Dekton,
Laminam Neolith, Lapitech.
Normal soul
or silenced.

Large diameters for single and multidisc

Professional diamond blades for cutting slabs with automatic bridge saws and CNC availability of customized central hole.
100% Made in Italy product since 1960


For block cutters
Conical Segments
sandwich H12mm


Diamond discs up
to Ø3500mm. Service
of soul recharge with
welding on site.


Diamond blade
for horizontal cutting
on block-cutting machines
fori Terzago, Pedrini.

Diamond wire

Wide range of diamond wires for stationary or multi-disc quarry wire machines.
100% Made in Italy product


Diamond wire
for granite for machines
monofilament and multifilament.
Closed ring, 7.3mm pearls


Diamond wire
for granite and marble
for machines
from quarry.

Diamond tools for CNC

Diamond tools for drilling, profiling and machining with CNC machines.
High quality materials, even on precious ones, porcelain stoneware, etc.

Diamond tools for hand power tools

Diamond tools for cutting, grinding and chamfering with hand power tools.

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